Eustathios of Antioch

Eustathios of Antioch
   When he was chosen bishop of Antioch (qq.v.) in 324 the church there was in total disorder due to the controversy over Arianism (q.v.). At the Council of Nicaea (q.v.) in 325 Eustathios was a chief opponent of Arius, but when Arius was recalled from exile by Constantine I the Great (q.v.) in 327, Eustathios's position was soon undermined. A council of his Arian opponents in Antioch deposed him in 330, accusing him of Sabellianism, the view that God appears in different modes as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He was also accused of keeping a mistress. Constantine I sent him into exile. Despite being condemned at the Council of Gangra (g.v.) in 341, in 362 his supporters (called Eustathians) elected the priest Paulinos as bishop of Antioch, precipitating the Meletian schism (q.v.)

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